Member Recognition

9 awards to display
"Seize the Day" Award

Presented to the chorus member best exemplifying the spirit of the chorus through her positive attitude, talents and contributions to the Carpe Diem Chorus.

2017 – Courtney Anderson-Georges            2018 - Julie Jones


"Seize the Music" Award

Presented to the chorus member, in appreciation of her dedication to and passion for elevating the performance level of the Carpe Diem Chorus.

2018 – Judy Ashmore


"Unsung Hero(ine)" Award 

Awarded to the chorus member who has contributed to the chorus, in ways many members might not even be aware of. This individual represents the culture of our chorus. Someone who gives of themselves to the benefit of the chorus.

2015 - Diane Rothberg

2016 - Karen Maass

2017 - Bitsy Bacon    &    Lee Hays

2018 - Judy Ashmore

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