Our Quartets

Hire one of our quartets!

Carpe Diem Chorus is proud to have quartets associated with our chorus. We endorse all of them as excellent singers and entertainers, suitable for any occasion.

For more information and pricing, email: CDChorus.perform@gmail.com

Kaboom! Quartet
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This Is Us Quartet

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Swing Time Quartet

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Kaboom! members...
Lead:Lee Hays
Bass:Mary Ashford
Baritone:Jeanna Landru
Tenor:Barb Gregg
State: CA

Swing Time

Swing Time members...
Lead:Shawnna Allen
Bass:Susan Kegley
Baritone:Courtney Anderson-Georges
Tenor:Sally McLeish
State: CA

This Is Us

This Is Us

This Is Us
This Is Us members...
Lead:Carol Dirner
Bass:Elaine Watson
Baritone:Roni Shen
Tenor:Diane Rothberg
State: CA

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